The 2013 Silicon Bayou 100: Group 2


Blaine Lindsey

Blaine is the CEO of the startup GetHealthy, an online, incentive platform that helps people make long-term, lifestyle decisions that improve health. He has also been the CEO of Capra Health, also based in New Orleans, for nearly two years. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Brendan Finke

Along with fellow Tulane graduate Joe McMenemon, Brendan founded ChapterSpot to solve the problems of group management. ChapterSpot’s online application allows groups (intially fraternities and sororities) to communicate efficiently, collect membership dues, share important files, maintain a member database and design a website all on one platform. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Brent McCrossen

Music licensing and interactive media professional Brent McCrossen is the Founder and current CEO of Audiosocket in addition to founding Interface Booking and Mgt back in 2001. As a music industry entrepreneur, he has already been highly successful with Audiosocket, building relationships with MTV, NBC, ABC, Disney and more within the last few years. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Brian Bordainick

Previously the Director of Entrepreneurial Investment at 4.0 Schools, Brian has now fully transitioned into his role at CEO at Dinner Lab over the past year. Founded in New Orleans, the unique and curated dining experience has now expanded into nine other markets including Austin, New York and Miami. On LinkedIn.

Brian Rodriguez

Brian is the President of Gatorworks, a company he started over twelve years ago with a friend when he was in high school. The company develops practical and visually appealing website for top clients and big companies in Baton Rouge. On Twitter. On LinkedIn.

Carol Markowitz

Carol moved to New Orleans in 2011 and has since served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the 2013 Idea Village Entrepreneur Season, specifically aiding entrepreneurs with her knowledge in financial analysis, planning, reporting and management. She is also involved in the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, where she works with Chief Serpas to use technology and creative thinking to make New Orleans a safer place to live and work. On Twitter.

Chris Boudy

Chris is a web developer by trade and the man behind, which was originally started August 2009 by a local group of New Orleanians. Since then, Boudy has redesigned the site and also incorporated Teen Tech Day into the mix, a one day interactive conference to inspire high school students to take their interest in math and science and potentially turn it into a career. On Twitter.

Chris Boyd

As a relatively new New Orleanian, originally from Houston, Chris has already experienced success in the tech industry here. As the Founder of Apptitude, a full-service app development studio based out of the co-working space Beta, Chris makes apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android such as the Idea Village app which was released earlier in the year. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Chris Mangum

Chris is a new transplant to New Orleans. Over the 2014 Entrepreneur Season, Chris is serving as an IDEAsession mentor, as well as an Entrepreneur in Residence for the 4th annual Water Challenge. He has experience in strategy, business development, M&A, corporate venturing, and entrepreneurship. Chris previously co-founded Venture X Group in Atlanta, where he helped launch 100+ startups, representing investments of $150+ million. On LinkedIn.

Chris Reade

Chris Reade founded Carrollton Technology Partners back in 1995 in New York City. In 2000, he moved the company to New Orleans and is now the Principal at the renamed Carrollton Group, where he focuses on bridging the gap between technical and business divisions within client companies. Reade is also CEO of time and billing system Jodia and Fetch Puppy, a New Orleans-based online deal site. On LinkedIn.

Chris Schultz

Chris co-founded Launch Pad and Launch Pad Ignition, and founded Voodoo Ventures, Flatstack, and TribeCon. He is also in the process of launching Niko Niko, an app that makes it fun and easy to capture your mood throughout the day. Before that, he started several other companies to various levels of success and failure. His own experiences, support, and mentorship have been spread 100 times over to many people on this list and many people who will end up on this list in the future. Chris also brings his network of investors, experts, and influencers to New Orleans to interact with our community. Chris’ Blog. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

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