Why a Merchant Service Consultant May be Your Best Ally as a New Business in Louisiana

About the author: Laura Kaiser is a professional freelance writer and creative consultant working with companies in the NY/NJ/PA Tri-state area.


Image courtesy of NTC Texas.

Image courtesy of NTC Texas.

No matter how well we utilize Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, nothing can replace having a small group of business partners on whom you can rely for services beyond your scope, referrals and even advice.

Lawyers, graphic artists, printers, accountants, investors and IT professionals are obvious choices. But do you know a good Merchant Service Consultant?

Merchant Service Consultants work on behalf of businesses to maximize the way they accept payments. They regularly set up credit card processing accounts, as well as other forms of payment acceptance. A really good Merchant Service Consultant can also show you how to lower your monthly operating costs while accepting many forms of payment. And a truly great consultant will know what innovative payment processing solutions will attract more of your customers and help you close more deals. For businesses just starting out, it’s crucial that customers be able to use various forms of payment in order to ensure hearty sales upon opening. Plus, any opportunity to save money or secure additional capital has obvious advantages for startups.

“Virtually any startup business can benefit from an experienced merchant service professional,” said Gene Lieb, owner of Business Financial Resources and a Merchant Service Consultant for more than 20 years. “It’s our job to help our clients easily accept as many forms of payment as possible. In addition, we regularly save our merchants money on the cost of their processing fees and keep them abreast of the latest payment solutions. This way, we can recommend new services that may help them appeal to more customers while saving money in the process.”

Lieb stresses that when growing a business it is important to accept all forms of payment to encourage sales. Accepting credit card payments is the easiest way to sell goods or services all around the world. But there are also solutions for accepting checks, cash for online payments, recurrent billing, customer loyalty programs and much more. The right company can also help you create a partnering program so your referrals can earn you an income while establishing your own business cash flow. Right now, there are many exciting products for small, medium and large businesses. They include, but are not limited to:

Top Five Payment Solutions You Need to Know About

  1. ACH/CHECK 21 Check Payments
  2. 1 In-store Customer Financing Plans
  3. Customer Loyalty/Rewards Programs
  4. Cash for Online Payments
  5. Chinese Credit Card Acceptance

Securing capital may also be challenging for young businesses. Your merchant service company should have connections for small business financing/loans and cash advance programs that can help with your cash flow.

Lieb adds, “A very experienced Merchant Service Consultant will have solutions for businesses in various situations, including start-ups, non-traditional or high risk merchant types, less –than-perfect credit and even previous bankruptcies.”

Because experienced consultants work with so many types of businesses, Lieb recommends brainstorming with your Merchant Service Consultant to gain a new perspective going forward. There may be solutions you never considered or knew existed.

So, how do you go about finding a Merchant Service Consultant who is reputable? Networking groups that provide a forum for real face time (not the iPhone kind) are a still a great way to make connections and share ideas. Search “Merchant Service Consultant” on Google, Facebook or Twitter and follow companies that interest you. If you like what they’re putting out there or what others are saying about them, give them a try. Most even offer free consultations. You can also search for individual professionals with the title Merchant Service Consultant on LinkedIn and connect with them.

Business Financial Resources is a Merchant Service Consultancy located in New Jersey with agents and partners all over the world. For more than 15 years, the company has been working on behalf of all types of businesses, including those considered high risk or non-traditional, to help them accept credit cards and other forms of payment, secure loans and save money. For more information, visit www.bfresources.com.