Teen Tech Day is Back and Better than Ever

Teen Tech DayTeen Tech Day is a one-day interactive conference, created in 2011 by New Orleans Tech, to emphasize math, science, and engineering as tool to enable teens to use technology anywhere from a hobby to a career. It’s designed to help the teens interact with the speakers and each other to get excited about technology.

Teen Tech Day organizer Shercole King and Chris Boudy want to offer a fun environment that encourages learning and problem solving for teens ages 13-16. They want all participants to gain a better understanding of the technology sector.

The fourth annual event will be held Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at Delgado Community College.

Boudy and King previously told SBN, “We believe in small action creating huge impact.  With Teen Tech Day we hope to bring more kids into the technology field.  We just want to create options and knowledge to students.  These are students who already like technology, we hope to help turn this like into passion and thirst for more knowledge to eventually lead them into a technological field and possibly become a leader in our growing technology industry in Louisiana.”

Guidance throughout the day will expose participating teens to a three part process. They will learn game development and about the mechanisms of game design, fundamentals of web design with the inclusion of building real websites using client based scenarios, and robotics and engineering with an introduction to problem solving and prototyping.

According to the organizers, each track will have a variety of different expert instructors to teach participants about the basics of each subject. Speakers and companies will also be in attendance to discuss options in the IT field for jobs and careers right here in New Orleans.

Apply for Teen Tech Day here.