4.0 Schools and EDesign Labs Launch 12 Week Prototyping Bootcamp

4.0 SchoolsHow can we re-imagine education so that it actually prepares students for a world we can’t predict?

That is the question 4.0 Schools, in collaboration with EDesign Labs are attempting to answer during the upcoming Prototyping Bootcamp. They are bringing together educators and technologists for 12 weeks to concept, build and test new digital learning experiences.

Teams will work together over lab sessions and field testing opportunities to move from initial concepts to functional prototypes with feedback.

4.0 and EDesign are looking for education who are willing to experiment with new ideas, frequently test new strategies and concepts in the learning environment they facilitate, are student centered and have passion and experience with digital learning or integrating education technology tools.

The organizations are also seeking technologists who have design and coding chops and can design and develop prototypes within one of the following areas: interactive websites or web-based applications; mobile applications; data visualizations; sensors and physical computing; embodied interfaces; and digital games and simulations.

Submissions for the educator application and the technologist application are due by February 3rd, 2014.

EDesign Seen In NY from EDesignLabTalks on Vimeo.