Bestselling Authors, Business Experts and Leaders to Share Insights at Growth Conference in New Orleans

Entrepreneur Magazine seeks to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs. During the 2014 Growth Conference, hosted by the magazine, attendees in New Orleans will learn about branding, sales, revenue goals, failures, successes and everything in between.

Entrepreneur Growth ConferenceThe conference is free but registration is required to join the small-business community along with today’s top business authors, radicals, visionaries, and the editorial team at Entrepreneur magazine.

Business thought leader and acclaimed graffiti artists Erik Wahl will keynote the conference, sharing how to unleash innovative thinking in business through the experience of visual storytelling. Rumor has it there will be on-stage painting and a strong message portrayed through creativity and performance to kick off the day.

Locals  Tim Williamson from Idea Village, Patrick Comer from Federated Sample and Lauren Thom from Fleurty Girl will participate in the panel discussion Failure Fest moderated by Amy Cosper, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur writes:

Is your fear of failing inhibiting your business from succeeding? Come learn how successful business leaders overcame their fears and responded to setbacks that ultimately laid the groundwork for their success. During this panel, successful local entrepreneurs will discuss some of their biggest failures, as well as lessons learned along the way, with the hope of encouraging others in the New Orleans community to get out there, fail, learn and thrive.

Additionally, Entrepreneur is giving attendees a chance to “pitch the media” during a session that might turn into a segment in the magazine. Pitches will last for only three minutes. To help focus your pitch, consider the following questions:

  • What do you think is interesting or newsworthy about your company? Explain briefly.

  • What key challenges or obstacles did you overcome while starting and/or growing your company? Explain briefly.

  • Do you use any innovative or unusual marketing or sale strategies, financing strategies or management techniques? Briefly explain what you do and why it is innovative.

  • Have you developed an innovative product, service or technology? Explain briefly.

  • Is there a specific marketing/sales strategy, financing method or management technique that has greatly helped your business’s growth? Explain briefly.

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