The 2013 Silicon Bayou 100: Group 5


Jen Medbery

Jen is a former Teach For America corps member and a founding teacher of New Orleans Charter Science and Math Academy. After frustrations with paper management of her classroom, Jen started Kickboard (formerly Drop The Chalk) and has been successfully providing tech apps to teachers ever since. On LinkedIn. Jen on Twitter. Kickboard on Twitter.

Jeremy Hunnewell

Jeremy is Co-founder and President at boutique strategy consulting firm based in New Orleans called Elstrott, Maurer & Hunnewell. He works alongside Dr. John Elstrott and Dr. Ralph Maurer to provide consulting services to companies throughout the gulf coast. Jeremy is also an adjunct professional of entrepreneurial management at Tulane. On LinkedIn.

Jesse Hoggard

Jesse is one of the voices behind the Louisiana Technology Park.  As acting Director of Communications, he provides strategic marketing support to member of the incubator. Prior to joining the Tech Park, he was marketing director for the Louisiana Art & Science Museum (LASM). He is also on the board of directors of Forum 35 and the Public Relations Association of Louisiana (Baton Rouge).On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Jessica Shahein

After working as the Program Director at 504ward for about a year, Jessica was promoted to Executive Director of the collaborative initiative designed to retain the young talent of New Orleans. On LinkedIn.504ward on Twitter.

Jimmy Roussel

Jimmy is an Entrepreneur in Residence at the New Orleans Startup Fund in addition to working as a consultant at MakeBuzz, LLC. He specializes in starting up small tech firms and taking them through the initial few rounds of venture capital. Jimmy is experienced on both the business/finance side and the technology side. On LinkedIn.

Joe Ellis

Joe is the Lead Developer at Squarefour Digital Media, a New Orleans based web development firm specializing in building niche websites and rich internet applications. He is influential in the New Orleans developer community with a big hand in RubyBayou, HackDat code competition, and the RubyConf #ampblock party. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Joe McMenemon

Along with fellow Tulane graduate Brendan Finke, Joe founded ChapterSpot to solve the problems of group management. ChapterSpot’s online application allows groups (intially fraternities and sororities) to communicate efficiently, collect membership dues, share important files, maintain a member database and design a website all on one platform. He is also a driving force behind NOLA Meetup. On LinkedIn.On Twitter.

Joe Sylve

Joe is a managing partner at 504ensics Labs. His company, while only a year and a half old, has already hired several full time people and regularly subcontracts with local information security specialists to fulfill specialized client needs. He is also one of the co-organizers of the monthly NolaSec meetings. Joe was also a co-organizer of the first annual BSidesNOLA conference that was held in 2013 during Memorial Day weekend.  On Twitter.

John Christie

As the Executive Director of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Development at Tulane for over two years, John Christie assists with licensing of Tulane’s intellectual property, development of confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, cooperative research and development agreements and patent, trademark and copyright processes on behalf of the school. On LinkedIn.

John Elstrott

Dr. John Elstrott is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Emeritus Executive Director of the Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship at Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business and the Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the Tulane Entrepreneurs Association. He is an active entrepreneur in the venture capital, wetlands mitigation banking, pharmaceutical, financial services, medical and functional food, and authentic herbal remedy industries. Dr. Elstrott is well known for his conscious capitalism courses and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for Whole Foods Market. Dr. Elstrott is also the Executive Director of the management consulting firm, EMH Strategy and serves as the Investment Committee Chair for the New Orleans Startup Fund.  On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

John Grindley

John Grindley is the Executive Director of CoHabitat Shreveport with a social IQ higher than many. Some even call him a social guru because of his knack for creative energy he keeps flowing through the co-working space that was created for developers, creatives and entrepreneurs. Grindley also works at Network Foundation Technologies and has previously worked at the Robinson Film Center. On LinkedIn.

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