Activist Investor Ron Bienvenu to Speak at National Conference in New York

Bienvenu discussing corporate activism at an event in New Orleans.

Bienvenu discussing corporate activism at an event in New Orleans.

Ron Bienvenu, Managing Partner of the New Orleans-based private equity fund Spear Point, will moderate and serve on a panel –“Identifying Targets and Choosing the Best Strategy for an Activist Campaign”– at  the Activist Investor Conference in New York City tomorrow (January 29).

The Activist Investor Conference, sponsored by DealFlow Media, is an annual gathering of the most important group of activist investors, corporate governance specialists, advisory firms, proxy solicitors, and corporate board members.

“In 2014, we believe we will see a significant shift in investor behavior,” said Bienvenu. “More and more investors are going to embrace their power as shareholders– they are going to demand more from companies and the executives that run them.”

Bienvenu has garnered attention as an activist investor in the media, most recently through Spear Point’s investment in financial news website When asked what drives him, Bienvenu responded, “In 1932, Benjamin Graham wrote that shareholders ‘have forgotten also that they are owners of a business and not merely owners of a quotation on the stock ticket.’ A profound statement then, and it still rings true all these years later.”