The 2013 Silicon Bayou 100: Group 6


Katie Beck

Katie is the COO of 4.0 Schools, home to a community of curious people building the future of school in New Orleans. She  is a Teach for America alum who was previously the Director of People and Idea Development at 4.0. Katie recently graced the Forbes 30 Under 30 education list.  On LinkedIn.

Kenneth Purcell

Kenneth is the founder and CEO of iSeatz, a company providing integrated transaction and booking engines to travel providers worldwide. Their customer lists includes Air Canada, Amtrak, CitiBank, Delta Air Lines, KLM, MasterCard and Northwest Airlines. iSeatz continues to grow and prosper with a team of over 50 employees. Outside of his day job, Ken is a mentor for Launch Pad Ignition andblogs on the iSeatz website.  On LinkedIn.

Kerry Kirby

Kerry is the CEO of 365 Connect, a New Orleans based company he founded in 2003. 365 Connect has since developed and deployed one of the most interactive and robust Internet platforms in the multifamily housing industry. Kerry is a contributor and wrote the foreword to Real Estate v2.0: A Professional’s Guide to Dynamic Websites, Blogs, and Podcasts, has been featured on Sustainable 1000 Radio and is a frequent contributor on the Multifamily Conference Series Webcast Program. On Twitter.

Kevin Morgan-Rothschild

Kevin is the Co-founder and COO of VertiFarms (formerly Aquaponic Modular Production Systems or AMPS), whichs builds, and operates aquaponic and hydroponic farms. These farms consistently grow the freshest and healthiest fruits and vegetables for sale to local consumers. On LinkedIn.

Kevin Wilkins

Since moving to New Orleans four years ago, Kevin has been heavily involved in the local startup and entrepreneurial scene. He was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence during the 2013 entrepreneur season with the Idea Village. In May of 2013, Kevin started TREPwise, a for-profit company that supports tech companies when they are past the start-up phase but still haven’t generated significant growth and sales in New Orleans. On LinkedIn.  On Twitter.

Kobina “Koby” Sackey

Kobey Sackey is an entrepreneur and founder of a New Orleans-based app development company called Joyhound, which utilizes social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to connect people with interesting social events and restaurants around the city of New Orleans. On LinkedIn.

Leslie Jacobs

Leslie Jacobs was an executive in the insurance industry for over twenty years and in her spare time, was heavily involved in public education. She began as a business partner to an elementary school, served as an elected member of the New Orleans School Board, and served a twelve year government appointed position on the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). Today she runs Educate, Now! a non-profit focused on education reform. Outside of education, she focuses her passion on start-ups through the New Orleans Startup Fund, which she helped create and fund as the driving force, as a board member of the Idea Village and GNO, Inc., through private angel investing, and through the creation and support of 504ward. On LinkedIn.

Lina Stern

Lina is an integral part of the entrepreneurial community in New Orleans, for she is the Director of Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship at Tulane University. Prior to her current position, she worked in the Freeman school in various capacities for the last twenty years, proving both her expertise in leadership and her dedication to Tulane. On LinkedIn.

Lindsey Hamlin

Lindsey was the Executive Director of the Louisiana Technology Council, the premier advocate for the advancement of both existing and emerging technologies across all industry sectors in the state of Louisiana, through September 2013. She is now the Director of Continuing and Distance Education at South Dakota State University. On Twitter. On LinkedIn.

Lisa Lloyd

Lisa is involved with the Idea Village and is serving as an IDEAsession mentor as well as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the inaugural Food Challenge. She has also patented and licensed seven of her own products, and more on behalf of clients netting over $30M in sales. Lisa has been featured on shows like Dr. Phil, The Big Idea, and Shark Tank. On Twitter. On LinkedIn.

Manuel Valencia

Based in Baton Rouge, Manuel is the VP of Strategy at Excelerant who is experienced in customer/market research, project planning, managing budgets, team integration and delivery schedules, rapid payback and new business development. Back in October, he was a featured speakerat the BREW event, Women Business Leaders Breakfast. On LinkedIn.

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