University of New Orleans to Host 3 Day Startup Event

3 Day Startup

3 Day Startup, 3DS for short, is a program designed to be fully hands-on, bringing in top investors and entrepreneurs, with an aim to start tech companies over the three day period. On February 7-9, University of New Orleans will be hosting a 3 Day Startup event.

The organizers are excited to announce that the event is open to all universities in the area– SLU, LSU, Tulane, Loyola,  Xavier, Dillard, SUNO and more.

The event is looking for passionate, entrepreneurial-minded students that can fill various roles, including: software engineer, business (finance, marketing, business development), graphic design (web, print), advertising, public relations, legal and other wild card spots.

Applications close on January 31st. 40 students will be accepted to participate in creating business models, contacting potential customers, prototyping and building lasting relationships.

“We believe 3 Day Startup is a great way to get the community excited about entrepreneurship and to spend an intense weekend with creative people who want to actually bring an idea to life as opposed to sitting back and listening to YATAE (yet another talk about entrepreneurship),” explains the website. “It’s also a social and business experiment to see how much a group of passionate people can accomplish over the course of 60 hours.”

3DS started out as a student organization and is now a non-profit which has spread to universities in countries such as U.S., China, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Israel and Chile. While the events usually take place at universities, you do not have to be a student to attend. As of last year, the international program had already seen 33 companies created and has raised a total of $8.5 million in investment. 16 of those 33 have been accepted into accelerator programs.