GNO, Inc. Launches DestinationGNO Tool for Those Looking to Move To New Orleans

Destination GNOThe New Orleans region combines its low costs with great incentives to attract potential transplants.

Greater New Orleans, Inc. President and CEO Michael Hecht said that while the region has never lost a battle for the wallet, “we’re frequently losing the battle for hearts and minds.”

So how does the city show that it’s not just beads and Bourbon Street?

Enter DestinationGNO, a dynamic, innovative relocation tool that highlights the quality of life in the region. The tool, created by GNO, Inc. in partnership with 504ward, was originally designed with the ultimate goal broken into three parts: to diversify lifestyle options, to have the tool to eliminate confusion and to recruit workforce to the region.

Hecht explains DestinationGNO as the lifestyle Turbo Tax, or a tool that takes you through the city in a linear way, acting as your electronic chaperone.

“Diversity is there but folks don’t know about it,” said Hecht during the DestinationGNO reveal on Monday (February 10). “We want perceptions to rise to meet reality,” he continued.

Destination GNOWhether a potential transplant is looking for an urban or rural experience, the site features information from 48 communities around the region. DestinationGNO includes a moving guide, and information about local culture, climate, cost of living, economy, education, emergency preparedness, healthcare, parenting, public safety, shopping, and transportation.

“We are pleased to be able to assist GNO, Inc. in producing this valuable resource. This exciting, innovative website supports Southeast Louisiana’s economic growth,” said Sakari Morrison, Public Affairs Manager for Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico Business Unit. “With one visit to, people from around the world can tour Greater New Orleans neighborhoods, explore our region’s culture, character and cuisine, and see why this is a great place to live and do business.”

“This site is a valuable tool for our young professional members to use and learn about the neighborhoods and towns which make up this region,” said Jessica Shahien, Executive Director of 504ward. “Additionally, will become the go-to recruitment tool for friends and colleagues of our members around the country who want to live in an area that fits their lifestyle needs and desires.”

As the slogan says, “the best place for your next home is a click away.” Visit to find out more.