Connect + Trade Launches Export Market Ranking and Services

Connect + TradeNew Orleans online strategy, marketing, and exports firm Connect + Trade has launched a ranking of the 30 best and 30 worst export markets in the world. The ranking is based on data from the company’s database of over 200 indicators and over 200 markets, and accompanies its new Export Market Finder and Export Market Strategy services.

Knud Berthelsen, CEO of the globally-minded company, said they have developed the tool to highlight the markets that deserve consideration. “We have developed our Export Market Finder and Export Market Strategy to help clients find the right markets for the specific products and successfully market and sell to new customers in those markets.”

Topping the list is Israel, Australia, and Chile. China is notably absent, while South Sudan is has been ranked the worst export market in the world.

In addition to conventional data like population and GDP, Connect + Trade includes data on internet and social media penetration, payment and shipping options, free trade agreements and export costs. The ranking is designed to show would-be exporters that out of all their potential export markets there are some that are significantly better than others, and that they may not be the ones you think.

The ranking of course does not account for the differences between specific products and the unique capabilities of individual businesses. To help clients find the right export markets for their specific businesses and products Connect + Trade has developed the Export Market Finder that combines the company’s data on export markets with clients’ information about their products and capabilities. To determine the right people to target in those countries, the right tools to target them with, and the right messages to communicate, the company offers a complete Export Market Strategy.

“At Connect + Trade we believe it is called the World Wide Web for a reason,” said Berthelsen. “You leave money on the table when you ignore the first two Ws. 95% of the world is outside America. With the online tools now available to small businesses they can market and sell their products to customers all over the world in ways that even Fortune 500s couldn’t just a few years ago.”

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