Creativity Set Free: Tongal’s Take on Modern Advertising

TongalAlthough often described as a bad tech cliche, the YouTube of ad agencies, Tongal is proving to be a positive combination of the two. Tongal is nothing short of a creation marketplace, a platform that facilitates video content by crowdsourcing creative work through contests.

Many users never had access to bring their ideas to life before Tongal, explained SVP of legal and business affairs Roberto Facundus. “The technology connects creatives to those that need creative people.”

A wide range of users from different global markets, including amateurs, film students and production companies, all have a shot at success through the platform. Many of the brands have been blown away by the work the creatives have produced. “A 16 year-old made $26,000 through Tongal,” said Facundus.

Sometimes the off the wall ideas–the users who think outside of the box– are a hit, but sometimes they push the envelope too far. However, Tongal is noticing brands getting more comfortable and often using the service again and again. One of the keys to growth is repeat customers, which both Lego and Procter & Gamble are.

“It could turn into a resource for both aspiring video producers as well as companies looking for an ad agency on the cheap,” according Facundus.

For those who have not heard of Tongal, they were responsible for crowdsourcing the Speed Stick Super Bowl ad in 2013. The company saved Speed Stick millions by utilizing the crowdsourced competition opposed to a traditional advertising agency.

“On average, it’s ten times faster and cheaper,” says Facundus.

Tongal current projectsWhat makes Tongal unique is the process. There are three phases of the creative process: idea, pitch and video. Segmenting the process gives brands more control along the way because they get to pick their ideas.

A few months ago the company clocked in at 36 employees. The company is continuing to seek larger-scale projects and contests as they grow.

Tongal has offices in Santa Monica, New York and London. Facundus also spends time working remotely in New Orleans and remains committed to introducing Louisianans to the platform.

“I’m hoping to increase awareness so more of the Louisiana creative community will take advantage of the opportunities available through our crowdsourcing platform. Huey Long himself would be proud of the creative populism afforded by our platform and the opportunities we can bring to the creatives and filmmakers in Louisiana,” he said.

Tongal has also recently partnered with the New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC) for a few events. The first is one of NOVAC’s Third Thursday events on Thursday, February 20 at Tiki Tolteca and the second is during the 48 Film Project’s Filmapolooza Festival. Tongal is sponsoring the opening night of the festival on Thursday, March 6th.

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