Startup Weekend Venture BeneFit Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Through New Platform Ramen

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BeneFit, the brand new fitness incentive platform based in New Orleans has teamed up with angel-backed Ramen to launch one of its first crowdfunding campaigns.

Ramen is the first pre-order funding platform designed to help software startups find their early adopters and collaborators to develop the right minimum viable product.

BeneFit, which was born out of the most recent Startup Weekend in New Orleans, capitalizes on internal desires by allowing individuals to track their personal fitness progress while also providing the opportunity to be part of the larger health-focused movement.

Paul Christmann, lead consultant at Aptify, said “BeneFit sits at the intersection of wearable technology, healthcare, and social innovation, all fields that are currently experiencing rapid expansion. BeneFit has a unique opportunity to generate revenue, create social awareness, and change behavior.”

BenefitBeneFit brings together donors, exercisers and nonprofits to incentivize healthy habits for individuals, increase exposure to corporate philanthropy, and drive funding for worthy nonprofits. The platform is integrated with FitBit to use metrics (calories burned, time active, steps taken and distance walked) to monetize exercise routines into charitable donations.

BeneFit’s new San Francisco-based Chief Technology Officer Chris Scoville, designed the mobile app. Scoville will also help guide the web app.

After months of long nights and hard work, BeneFit is seeking $7,500 through the newly launched Ramen platform. BeneFit has already received $695 from 21 backers who believe the platform can make an impact just by users living a healthier life.

“We are extremely excited to have been selected as one of the first projects on Ramen’s crowdfunding platform,” BeneFit founder Andrew Ryan told SBN. “Ramen has been incredibly committed to assisting us in creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.  We can’t wait to finally meet the Ramen crew in person and see them present at Launch Festival in San Francisco at the end of February.”

Ramen also went through the wringer before finally launching earlier this week with BeneFit and a few other projects on board.

Back in November, angel investor and Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis launched what was referred to as the “world’s biggest hackathon.”

“We took the hackathon concept and tried to make it a little more meaningful,” Calacanis said before the hackathon got started. “We hope we’ll actually help bring some real companies into the world.”

Ramen came in first place for their onstage demo at Launch, winning an option investment of $40,000 from the Launch Fund, pushing them to their official launch yesterday.

Later this month, both Ramen and BeneFit will be attending Launch in San Francisco (February 21-23).

For more information or to back BeneFit, click here.


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