Check Out Good Eggs’ Awesome NOLA Headquarters

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Good Eggs was founded by two entrepreneurs in San Francisco as a tech company that supports local food.

After expanding to New Orleans, the company moved from an 800 square-foot space in the Bywater to a newly renovated warehouse located at 1770 Tchoupitoulas Street. The company occupies around 4,500 square feet of space in the Centennial Cotton Press building.

Good Eggs now occupies over 4,500 square feet of space at 1770 Tchoupitoulas Street.

Other buildings on the block are undergoing complete renovations by Renaissance Neighborhood Development Corporation (RNDC), a subsidiary of Volunteers of America (VOA).

1770 Tchoupitoulas before renovations begun.

Fresh Food Factor, run by VOA, is also in the neighborhood. The organization provides healthy meals to local schools through a holistic service model out of its 8,000 square-foot commercial kitchen in the historic Lykes Steamship District.

Clearly located in the corridor for great food-related ventures, Good Eggs is not only great for farmers and food makers, but the platform also delivers a grassroots alternative to the capitalist machine, making it easy for consumers to find unique, local, healthy food week after week.

In fact, Good Eggs has, on average, experience an eight percent growth week over week.

“Because this is software technology, we have apps for our warehouse – we call them food hubs – that are telling folks what to pack and what things and how routes go out and it’s something we build once, and then we can deploy in a lot of different places,” Co-founder Rob Spiro explained.

Each bin in their warehouse system is lettered and numbered so that every order gets assigned a combination of the two–broken down by category– each day to ensure successful fulfillments.

Good Eggs tracks orders by a system that uses a combination of numbers and letters.

For example, if I ordered a bouquet of flowers, a jar of raw sugar and a ruby red grapefruit on Monday to pick up on Wednesday, I would be assigned a number and letter combination such as 4F in the produce section and so on. Warehouse workers then gather all of the correct order elements to either send out of delivery or to one of the many pick up locations around the Greater New Orleans area.

The transformation of the unique space makes for a perfect Good Eggs headquarters. The open floor plan and 14′ cypress beams cross a gabled roof with 25.5′ eaves at center and 14′ eaves on either side of the space houses everything the company needs to provide good local food to consumers.

Check out more photos of the space below:

Good Eggs Receiving

The warehouse has multiple stations, including a general receiving area, a produce receiving area and more.

Good Eggs Pantry staples

On hand pantry staples at Good Eggs New Orleans.

Good Eggs inflated

Good Eggs recently installed a brand new duct system for both heating and cooling.

Good Eggs Uninflated duct

The ducts remain deflated when not in use.

Good Eggs skylight

A unique feature of the Good Eggs warehouse is the skylight.

Good Eggs beams

14′ cypress beams cross a gabled roof at 1770 Tchoupitoulas.

Good Eggs chill corner

Good Eggs now delivers throughout many areas of the Greater New Orleans region.

Good Eggs kitchen

The open kitchen at the headquarters.

Good Eggs photo corner

All website photos are taken in the photography corner, filled with natural light.

Good Eggs food producer view

The view that farmers and food producers see when they enter the warehouse.

Good Eggs reusable containers

Good Eggs offers reusable packaging when preparing orders for customer pickup and delivery.

Good Eggs hard at work

Good Eggs employees hard at work.

Good Eggs front door

Good Eggs headquarters is on the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Celeste.

Good Eggs storage

The space is big enough to hold more food as operations grow.


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