4.0 Schools Reveals Future of School Challenge Backed by Khan Academy

The early-stage education incubator 4.0 Schools and New Schools for New Orleans, with support from Khan Academy, are building the future of schools–literally.

Future of School 4.0The trio has announced the Future of School Challenge, which will enable one student-centered charter school to be launched at the end of the process.

4.0 says the challenge participants will focus on user engagement and testing their ideas. Ideal candidates will have bold ideas, a strong track record, grit, flexibility, passion for people, a seriousness about their work, but not themselves, strategic drive and commitment to community.

“We are looking for people who believe that schools should center every decision around the needs of students and are willing to challenge outdated assumptions about school that stand in the way. Challenge participants will kick the tires of long-standing assumptions.”

After many rounds of coaching, prototyping and testing and a pitch for an Incubation Fellowship, challenge participants will have a shot at up to $250,000 in funding.

The end result will be a bold new school launched in Fall 2016.

Applications are due no later than April 11, 2014. In the meantime, feel free to nominate someone you think is “Most Likely to Change the Future of School.”