Baton Rouge Tech Companies Merge Prior to Expanding to Texas

Antares Technology Solutions has shifted, merging with cloud-based sales tax return and remittance solutions company e-Gov Systems and announcing an expansion into the Texas market, while still remaining dedicated to Louisiana.

Antares Technology Solutionse-Gov and Antares are both Baton Rouge-based companies who are interested in keeping roots in Louisiana. Antares also has offices in New Orleans. The combined staff of both companies is around 50 people, who will all remain local.

The companies will move forward under their trade name RAM Ware, LLC, which is part of the umbrella company.

“e-Gov Systems has positioned itself to rapidly expand its national, state, and local tax management footprint,” said Ezra Hodge, CEO of Ram Ware, LLC. “Similarly, the software development expertise of Antares Technology Solutions is increasingly being sought on the national level. Combining the expertise and resources of the two companies strategically positions us for rapid growth.”

“The enterprise software services industry is extremely competitive,” Ralph Melian, President of Antares Technology Solutions, said. “Antares has been highly successful in the custom development market, even in the down market. Part of our success has come from expanding to provide mobile and SharePoint development services; but to continue growing at the rate sought, we realized that product development needed to be part of our strategy, as it provides faster growth opportunities. Rather than develop our own product line for government clients, it made a lot of sense to merge with e-Gov Systems, which has a popular and growing line of government transaction products.”

The software development firm has announced the hire of David Wallace, who is based in Austin, as the regional director of business development to accommodate the development.