New Digital Forensics Tool Reveals OS X Secrets

504ensics spotlight inspectorNew Orleans computer forensics company 504ensics Labs has announced the update and re-release of their new digital forensics tool Spotlight Inspector

Spotlight Inspector was developed for the analysis of OS X Spotlight databases, which index all the files on a volume storing metadata.

504ensics explains: “A Spotlight database file stores a great amount of interesting and useful data for use by the OS X Spotlight Index feature.  This index allows you to search your computer for files and programs. It also keeps track of all kinds of information and details of your computer’s files and applications.  This information ranges from timestamps on file activity, authorship and file usage to A/V specific metadata.  Our work helps to illuminate this closed source data for use by investigators.”

The Spotlight Inspector tool is available free from the website here as part of their continuing work and support for the digital forensics community. The goal is to develop a novel and indispensable new tool for the forensics community.

More information can be found at