3D Printed Design Contest Showcases Height of Creativity and Innovation at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week

NOEW.jpg3D printing, the 30 year old technology that has captured the imagination of artists around the world, has made its way into New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) in the form of a 3D Printed Design Contest. The Idea Village, in partnership with the New Orleans Museum of Art, announced the contest a few short weeks ago and received many amazing entries that are now on display at NOEW in Gallier Hall.

“We are the most creative city in the country,” said Tim Williamson, co-founder and CEO of The Idea Village. “This partnership with NOMA is an effort to catalyze energy around 3D printing by tapping into our existing creative culture.”

New Orleans has the potential to set in motion the future of the innovative and creative 3D printing industry.  Williamson is excited about the opportunity ahead. “We have the chance to be ahead of the game.”

Williamson introduced NOMA Director Susan Taylor, who shared his excitement. “Creativity and design are critical to the future of innovation. We’re no longer confined to traditional mediums that have defined work in the past.”

Taylor said the contest was designed to encourage new forms of printing technology and art. “One of the great things about New Orleans is the connectivity, the nimbleness in which we can all respond to possibilities.”

Each entry was judged by a three point criteria to determine who The Idea Village and NOMA thought was best exploiting the technology in the most creative ways. First, they looked at which entry embodied a new artistic mode for New Orleans. Then they examined the artist; the judges were looking for someone who uses technology to capture a means of expression or idea or creative concept that would not be possible through another medium. Lastly, which entry was the most innovative using the technology?

Nodal Structures by Shea Trahan.

Nodal Structures by Shea Trahan.

The winning entry, Nodal Structures by Shea Trahan, was said to make the leap from technology to the realm of art and design. The unique shapes created were based on sound waves.

Mandela by Darrin Butler and the 3D Printed Bikini, Lena, by Frances Guevara tied for second place.

An honorable mention was also given to 4th grader Ana Hankins, the 3D artist of the future. Taylor told her to continue drawing while also embracing the new technology of 3D printing.


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