Entrepreneurial Post-Season Launches the New Orleans Startup Showcase

In an attempt to connect local startup founders to national networks, Launch Pad, in conjunction with The Idea Village and Greater New Orleans, Inc., will produce the first-ever entrepreneurial post-season.

The New Orleans Startup Showcase will be a series of events following the recently wrapped New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW), New Orleans companies will connect to partners and investors locally as well as in San Francisco and New York City.

Launch Fest 2014

Companies nominated by investor partners during NOEW will participate in Launch Fest and demo days in San Francisco and New York.

  • Launch Fest – May 1 – National VC audience + New Orleans angels

  • New Orleans Demo Day @ San Francisco – May/June – San Francisco angels + VC’s

  • New Orleans Demo Day @ New York – May/June – New York angels + VC’s

“It’s critical for New Orleans startups to build a national network.  The New Orleans Startup Showcase is a platform for entrepreneurs to plug into the networks we’ve built in New York and San Francisco of investors who care about New Orleans and can partner with local angels to help companies get to the next level.” said Chris Schultz, co-founder of Launch Pad.

“For every season there is an off season,” said Tim Williamson, Co-founder and CEO of The Idea Village. “Building on the energy and efforts of the 2014 Entrepreneur Season and New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, we are excited to partner with Launch Pad and GNO, Inc. to further showcase high-growth local startups and why New Orleans is a great place to be an entrepreneur. We’re bringing the New Orleans ecosystem to New York and San Francisco.”

“This tour of New Orleans top startups provides exposure in key markets to the entrepreneurial renaissance that is happening in New Orleans.  By taking the show on the road, we’re reinforcing the press coverage for people and building strong networks that expand the economic landscape for companies started in New Orleans. ” said Michael Hecht, CEO of GNO, Inc.

To participate in the New Orleans Startup Showcase, companies must be currently fundraising and have an investor commitment into an open round.  Nominations are made by partner organizations and investors and companies can also apply on AngelList: https://angel.co/launchpad