Marketing Firm Providing Leads Based on Need, Not Demographics, Now Headquartered in New Orleans

viametricPlain and simple, ViaMetric gets clients in front of the people who acknowledge they have a problem that the client might be able to help fix. Through their proprietary, web-based tools, they help generate qualified leads, which translates to up to 75% sales opportunity conversion rates. Their marketing success is accomplished through the company’s digital direct marketing, web outreach and inside sales best practices.

ViaMetric uses their own model for lead generation in which they send an email pitch to extremely targeted groups of customer prospects. Finch said it’s all about the quality of their database. The company, which is out in front of many hot and newly funded companies, is not only first to market but also first with a persuasive argument for services, Finch explained.

ViaMetric has always had an office in New Orleans and recently made the transition to having its headquarters in the I.P. Building. “We chose to be in New Orleans because we love it,” said Vice President of sales and business development Don Frazier.

Founder Allen Finch originally moved in Austin in 1999 because there were many great reasons to be there, including the growing startup and tech communities as well as the amount of VC money in circulation. ViaMetric launched following the sale of his venture-backed company in 2004.

The marketing firm and approximately 80% of their business is with enterprise startups around the world. ViaMetric works has worked with the who’s who in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Israel and basically wherever the venture capital is.

“It’s hard to get the marketing part of the business right,” explained Finch. He started the company to provide truly integrated marketing services that generate sales. The company is now credited with having set a new standard in the marketing industry through its service guarantee.

After launching, Finch stumbled upon the name Michael Bosworth, author and believer that storytelling helps you sell. He then realized he should implement two rules to a sales opportunity: sell high and sell to a certainty of need. Finch ended up developing a series of processes and procedures that worked well and helped grow ViaMetric.

Many of the companies ViaMetric has worked with over the past five years have been acquired and/or IPO’d. They have had companies as large as HP, Microsoft and Xerox use their services. ViaMetric customers report that, on average, seven out of 10 leads become active in their sales pipeline.

The firm works with three business categories: startup, emerging and established. Startups need to find the market, emerging businesses need to expand and established companies need to get out of its own way, explains Finch.

Finch said ViaMetric didn’t take a tumble when the market crashed in 2008, rather the company slowed down around 2010.“We continued to grow and do well but there wasn’t a huge spike in the curve. In all of the times since 2008, we didn’t feel the up swell until a couple quarters ago,” said Finch.

ViaMetric has had the best two quarters in eight years. Finch says clients have seen stronger lead production and more aggregate sales in the last six months.

“People are loosening the purse strings,” and it can only be attributed to the state of the economy. “Buyers and buying and sellers and selling,” Finch explained.

The company can provide services for any revenue and plans to continue expanding from New Orleans. Finch sees a bright future for the city. “With $140 billion pumped in by Hurricane Katrina, I see the same D.C. trajectory in New Orleans. A lot of people are really excited by this gateway city. There’s a hunger in the people here.”