Venture Consulting and Business Strategy Firm Launches in New Orleans

Gracen ConsultingNew Orleans-based venture and transaction consultant Jay Taffet has announced the launch of Gracen Consulting, a venture consulting and business strategy firm that specializes in the capitalization planning and presentation process for companies.

Taffet has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and has advised hundreds of new and established businesses on all aspects of organization. The comprehensive advisory service will target both startups and next-level growth companies for all phases of business activity and ownership.

“The process of starting, growing and selling/buying a business all involve the same fundamentals of planning, organization and capitalization to make the process successful,” said Taffet, now Principal at the firm. “At Gracen Consulting, we specialize in providing entrepreneurs and business owners with the right tools and resources, including a network of specialized advisors such as graphic designers, IT consultants, attorneys, risk managers and accountants, to ensure each step is properly anticipated, managed and transacted.”

Gracen Consulting specializes in venture planning, business consulting, organizational positioning, venture capital presentation, product and service creation, private aviation development and professional resource network services.

The company is already working with local ventures such as Bella Nut Butters, Salon Diversion, EMH Strategy, Ernie’s Tours, Pierce Aviation and Hammond Air Center.

“New Orleans is an incredibly hot entrepreneurial community, ranked throughout the country for its new venture activity, and our style of business consulting fits perfectly in this space.  We understand the importance of an entrepreneur being able to tell his/her story in the numbers that attracts investment, both equity and debt, and we manage the process of proposal drafting and presentation so the business owner can focus on the day-to-day process of growing a company,” says Taffet.