Life as Bob, our Business Operations Bus, ain’t easy.

As many of you may know, the 52businesses team includes a beautiful 26 year-old blue bus named Bob. Don’t let his age fool you, Bob’s not only survived the wrath of Mississippi school children, he’s also put a good amount of miles under his belt, 412,096 to be exact.  His full name is Mr. Businesses Operations Bus, and his official title (for now) is Life of the Party.

While Bob’s wisdom has grown with age, his physical appearance has floundered, so much so that our suave buddy Bob is having a hard time with the ladies–even at The Boot.  To help one of our most valuable team members out, we’ve secretly created a FundDat campaign where you can contribute donations to help us restore Bob and increase his sex appeal (safety rating).  We’d really appreciate any donation you’re willing to give, and most of the money will go towards paying for supplies and materials for our sponsors who have graciously offered to help us in the Bob restoration process.

Since Bob is a big bus with lots of love to spread around he saw an opportunity to create his own twitter account… @bobthebus52. #uhoh. To let Bob practice his public speaking we asked him to recap his past week:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

8am – 5pm: – Today was a typical role day for the team.  Worked on some top secret stuff with Colin and Max most of the day. #PutInWork.

11:47pm: Woah–just woke up from an unexpected and much-needed nap.  Not quite sure when I passed out, but it was shortly after the rest of the team left for Silicon Bayou’s Startup Showcase at Le Foret to show off our new app-in-development, Touracle.

11:54pm: Those “teammates” of mine left me hanging and forgot to bring me back food! Joke was on them though because my batteries died during my catnap–the perfect payback for leaving me to go “network” indoors. Even better, I was also out of the engine juice, forcing Colin & Jason to flee to Metairie to go get me some Diesel.  All I wanted to do was leave Poydras after a very long day =(.

Thursday, March 27, 2014After a long night this day was a blur. I was there, I knew people were on board, but to be honest… I was daydreaming. I’m sure there were meetings and work being done, but for some reason all I can remember is imagining how I would look if I got a roll in the movie Cars. If I was animated… who knows what that future could hold…

Friday, March 28, 2014

5:24pm: Momma I made the news!  Hope y’all got to catch my segment, I sure looked good on camera.  Maybe I’ll just say screw these guys and skip on over to Hollywood…NAH, I was born to be an entrepreneur. Shout out to News with a Twist. #nola

Sat & Sun , March 29-30, 2014 The team was hard at work but I was enjoying a little R&R getting ready for the next week.

Monday, March 31, 2014

11:00am: #whodat #wygwg #saints … Thomas Morstead hopped on board today for our Monday Morning Meeting.  Super thrilled to be working with someone as caring and humble as Thomas to expand the scope of his non-profit, What You Give Will Grow.

2:30pm: Got to strut across town to Freret Street for the WYGWG press conference @GasaGasa. Max was picking up the last minute backdrop for Thomas to speak in front of.  Big shout out to Vividink for coming in clutch and giving me the opportunity to once again entertain some of New Orleans’ finest local media. Not to toot my own horn, but I made Max look good as he slid in late with the signs and finished setting up the press conference.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

11:00am: Something felt off this morning. My engine was in knots and I felt, for some reason, like I was left in a Freret st. parking lot as a trophy piece. This became clear when Max showed up at 10:30 and immediately left to get us some food. Colin, Jason, Thomas & Dennis left me behind to go have a meeting in an actual office #ouch. I understand I can’t be involved in every meeting but I was looking forward to meeting the team at  Postlethwaite & Netterville, who have offered their outstanding services to the team this week.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

6:01pm: At last!  The absentminded car lingering in my spot here on Freret Street finally hit the road. Time to skip on over to the spot that’ll be my Throne for the rest of the week. I’ll be posted in the parking lot on Freret and Jena welcoming all visitors with open doors and ice-cold beers!

7:24pm: As I watch the sun set, I can’t help but to reminisce on this past week of wackiness– the progress we’ve made, the friend’s we’ve acquired, and the the tremendous fun we’ve had! The journey has just begun and there’s no telling what sort of shenanigans the next 49 ½ weeks will bring.

10:07pm: This weekend can’t come soon enough! Be sure to come visit me and jump on board this Saturday at the Freret Street Festival. The team and Thomas Morstead will be on hand for some fun and to raise awareness about What You Give Will Grow.

With respect & love,