Federated Sample Launches Fulcrum Bid Manager

Fulcrum Bid ManagerFederated Sample is the global technology firm delivering efficiency, transparency and automation to the sample industry through its flagship product Fulcrum. The firm has recently launched the Fulcrum Bid Manager to bring to benefits of advance enterprise management software to the bidding process.

The Fulcrum Bid Manager enables clients to bid on one, centralized platform, while integrating sample sales with survey setup and fielding processes and acquiring comprehensive analytics.

Federated Sample President Michael McCrary explained the new product stems from the users pushing the company to build a solution for the bidding process that would be flexible and easy to use. “The Fulcrum Bid Manager was developed specifically to change the bidding experience and target research agency’s largest budget line items by positioning bidding to compliment the rest of the research process in an efficient and value-adding manner,” the company released in a statement.

McCrary said that Bid Manager is fundamentally shifting how the Sample Industry views and implements bidding by moving the process to an efficient platform that has positive operating impact for both buyer and supplier.

“There are a plethora of available DIY sampling and feasibility tools, yet until every possible source of sample is available on one tool, customer’s pain point has not actually been solved,” said McCrary. “Fulcrum Bid Manager directly increases operational efficiency and improves results for sample management teams globally through its unparalleled transparency and access to connect directly with the widest collection of sample providers in the Industry.”