Smooth Scaling: How to Keep Your Startup Afloat

About the author: Mark Kirkpatrick writes about tech and finance along with tips for entrepreneurs navigating the startup world.


As the online marketplace continues to evolve, it becomes more and more important for businesses to scale their business model to fit their ever changing environment. Adaptation is crucial for smaller businesses, considering the highly personal nature of conducting business with companies with less than 25 employees.

To do so, it’s important to start by recognizing what stage your business is on. Your business plan will change as your business grows and you move into different stages.

Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that your product/business will make an immediate impact on the market. If your business does not fit right away, do more research and adjust the business model accordingly.

Take some risks. A startup business is a huge risk in general, but expanding your business will certainly require throwing caution to the wind. Carefully weigh pros and cons of every decision and come to a calculated answer before taking those risks.

Want more statistics? Check out the infographic below, provided by Smart Toll Free Number, which provides more information on what consumers are looking for, why you need to be able to scale your business, and exactly what your competition looks like as a startup business.