International Business Model Pro Sends Advice to Tulane Business Model Competition Finalists

Roy Daya is a business consultant with over 15 years of experience innovating to create better, smarter and more sustainable businesses. His oftentimes invaluable advice to startups and expanding businesses proves popular from London to New Orleans.

Roy Daya Business MOdel ProNow called “The Business Model Pro,” Daya is based in Israel and travels the world giving keynotes, coaching, and engaging in conversations about business models and business strategy.

The recently concluded Tulane Business Model Competition and its three promising startup finalists attracted attention from the international strategist.

Daya said it took him years to realize that so many people consider him to be a business model expert. “With the realization that business models is something that I am very good at and the fact that I really enjoy it made me get to the decision of creating this site as a focal point for my clan of business model enthusiasts.”

After a 13 year run, Tulane University opted to switch the business plan competition to a business model competition. The newly redesigned competition was about rewarding teams for breaking down their idea into a key business model hypotheses, testing their assumptions with customers, applying lean startup principles and learning to pivot until they have a customer-validated business model.

Each of the three finalists — Tympanogen, InVision Biomedical and Million Dollar Scholar– had their business model reviewed by Daya.

Daya opted not to discuss the details of his advice to the finalists, however did share general pointers for startups using the business model canvas.

“A note about the business model canvas,” Daya explained, “is that it shows a proposed view of the business ecosystem with the venture fully integrated but does not show the before and after difference and not the impact of the change on the different partners. This fact is a major problem with business model canvas and why it is mainly good for brainstorming sessions.”

Members from Tulane Entrepreneurs Association presenting the $25,000 check to Tympanogen. Photo by @neworleansbio.

Members from Tulane Entrepreneurs Association presenting the $25,000 check to Tympanogen. Photo by @neworleansbio.

The Business Model Pro noted that it is important to understand what segment or portion of the business ecosystem the startups want to go after. He asked the teams questions about pricing, scalability and flexibility of their business models, especially now after the competition is complete.

Tympanogen went on to win the $25,000 grand prize and entrance into the International Business Model Competition, which is headquartered at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, as a semi finalist. InVision Biomedical came in second, taking home $10,000.

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