New Orleans Startup Reinvents Process of Finding and Listing Rental Properties

LeasilyAlong with co-founder Ryan Atkinson, Rob Breithaupt has set out on a venture to improve the process of finding and listing rental properties. Leasily is the newest way to find the rental of your dreams or list a property with ease. The clear listings and professional photography enhance the startup that was designed to reinvent rental property listings.

“As someone who has moved five times between three different cities in the last five years, I understand the pains of searching for a decent place to live,” said Breithaupt. “All of these experiences have led me to believe one thing: it should be easier to find your dream home (and post these dream homes for others, of course).”

Leasily wants to make it not only easy to move across town without the hassle, but to also trust a property before seeing it in person and even move across country based solely on a quality listing. “You can skip the step of being able to tour the place first…it’s a game changer,” explains Atkinson.

Atkinson and Breithaupt said Leasily will be focused on implementing its great solution for subletting as well because the site can capture the in between times of the housing and rental market, which comes and goes in waves.


Leasily strives to deliver the best experience for landlords by delivering great tenants and vice versa. Landlords who sign up now will receive a $20 Amazon gift card as part of a promotion to increase property listings, a bonus which will be sent as soon as the property is listed. Leasily is also currently free of charge.

The duo wants to make each experience unique. While they have plans to eventually contract out a photographer, all site and property photos were shot by either Atkinson or Breithaupt. Each listing also has a name such as “Serenity” or “Upper Chateau.” Atkinson said they wanted to innovate on that front and give people a name to hold onto, as the property details can be used year over year.

Atkinson and Breithaupt, who have been friends since college, are excited about the word of mouth buzz and the next steps for the platform. During an interview, they explained the effectiveness of working together because of their complementary skill sets and passion for the industry.

“What we’re really excited about is scalability,” said Atkinson. “New Orleans is an incredible launch location for this type of product, but we have a near-term road map for expansion.”

Leasily has plans to quickly expand to other cities once the buzz is generated here. At this point, they want the most number of properties as possible.

For more information, to view properties, or sign up, visit