Werkly, a Site for Micro-Entrepreneurs, Launches Tomorrow at New Orleans Startup Showcase Launch Fest

Imagine an online marketplace specifically designed to help the freelance and micro-entrepreneur community, which makes up 33% of America’s workforce, and those who hire them.

WerklyWerkly brings hiring into the 21st century and adapts it to the real world by leveraging the tools everyday people are already accustomed to using when looking for their next meal or a place to stay away from home,” said Eric Bernstein, CEO and founder of Werkly. “We are incredibly excited to announce the upcoming launch of our peer to peer system that will enable small businesses and individuals  to connect with “werkers” in an environment that supports local communities and locally sourced labor.”

Bernstein created the platform with help from the development shop Revelry Labs as a modern solution for community of workers most familiar to him: the makers, craftsmen, artists, builders, movers, stylists, engineers and more.

Werkly is a labor marketplace with results that can be sorted by skills, ratings, price, social connection and location. Bernstein truly believe that this is the type of platform that needs to happen. “We’re for-profit, for you. We want to make everyone else money.”

The emerging community of users are considered micro-entrepreneurs. Whether they are putting “amateur photographer” for a daylong project or “master chef” for a weekend gig, the werkers are not undervalued because the platform does not rely on a bidding system. Werkly creates a value system that elevates wages–the a certain point– and is far from the barter economy model.

Werkers can upload the three categories they are most interested in being hired for along with the average price per hour. Each profile is equipped with information such as reliability, rating, assets and location that help the job creator find the perfect match all within a 24 hour confirmed time frame.

The website will officially launch tomorrow during the startup showcase and demo day Launch Fest simultaneously with the Detroit platform. Pre-registration is available now.