Louisiana International Film Festival Now Includes Music Video, Animation, Interactive and New Media

The state will welcome the second annual Louisiana International Film Festival this year in its capital Baton Rouge. Organizers have not only chosen to host all of its events outside of New Orleans, but also announced expanded programming into music video, animation, interactive and new media.

Louisiana International Film FestivalThroughout the festival (May 8-11), over 50 screenings related to Louisiana and southern history are scheduled.

Features include keynote and workshops by filmmakers from a range of in state productions such as American Horror Story, Terminator and True Detective.

MGM, Universal, Columbia, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney Pictures will all have a presence at the festival with many directors and writers in attendance.

“We are watching films on our phones, television on our computers and YouTube on our televisions. As these medias are converging and evolving so must our programming,” said Chesley Heymsfield, Executive Producer of the festival while discussing the expanded lineup.

The music video component will highlighted during the release of Sean Lennon’s new short-form music film ANIMAL.

For more information, visit lifilmfest.org.