Tech Gifts for the Graduate

Awhile back I provided you with a few ideas on special technology gifts you could give to your favorite Valentine:  his and her DNA portrait, a USB Heart necklace, WIFI hotspot cufflinks, the Yellow Jacket phone Taser and more.  This time I have some technology gift recommendations for your high school or college graduate.  Most of these are practical gifts (not too out of the ordinary) but sensible nonetheless (at least I think so).  So here goes……


Mophie chargerThis is an ideal gift for the graduate especially if they are using their phone for any length of time.  It is a protective case and charger all in one.  It is packed with more power and provides up to 100% extra battery life with the flip of a switch. Turn on the case when your battery runs low to stay fully charged through the night.  Leaving the charger on your phone while charging will actually charge both the case and your phone simultaneously! The Mophie Juice Pack has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery inside. When you slide your phone into the case, a connector at the base plugs into the port at the bottom of phone. Flip the standby switch on the back from red to green to start charging your phone. After using all the power in the juice pack, just recharge it with the micro USB cable for more on-the-go power. It’s as easy as that. Price: approximately $99.00


Beats speakerThe Beats Pill 2.0 portable stereo speaker brings the party with you, wherever you go. The Beats Pill is lightweight, portable, and a completely wireless speaker. You can change tracks from your phone or take a call with the Beats Pill’s built-in microphone. New features on the 2.0 version include the ability to amplify or stereo your music and accessory charging. It is small enough to fit in your hand, the Beats Pill surprises with its powerful, signature sound.  Price:  approximately $199.95.


Click n goWith the “Click & Go” app available for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play, the Click & Go Wireless Camera Remote (ABOVE) will make it easy to take “hands-free” photos from your Smart Phone. Just set up your phone, start the camera app, and then press the Click & Go Remote to capture the shot! You can use the Click & Go Remote up to 150 feet away from your Smart phone… and even start and stop video capture! Easy to setup and use, Click & Go includes a replaceable battery that will last you about a year. Price:  approximately $ 22.00.  You can use Click and Go with…..

Mark lewis tech gift postThe extending iStabilizer Monopod, which gives you that extra stability you need to take action shots; and it can make your “selfie arm” disappear from your self-photography and give you greater distance when taking a picture. The iStabilizer also includes an iStabilizer Mount for regular-sized Smartphone’s and its compacts enough to take with you where ever you go.  Price:  approximately $ 34.95


Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 3.07.42 PMIt’s the Swiss Army Knife of mobile accessories; the USB Utility Charging Tool, a charger that comes with a microUSB phone plug, a miniUSB plug and an iPhone plug, so you can charge multiple devices at once without having to detangle cords and remember to throw them in your bag at the beginning of the day. Once your grad puts this gadget into a laptop’s USB drive, his or her plugged-in mobile devices will all start charging at the same time.  Price:  approximately $20.00


BuetoothThere are tons of Bluetooth headsets out there and this is an idea that just not many parents think about.  If your graduate does a lot of driving, why not purchase a Bluetooth headset (like this one above) and have them leave it in their car?  So anytime they want to talk on the phone before they start driving, they simply turn it on and it connects automatically to their phone for hands free communication while driving.  It makes for a perfect gift and provides an additional measure of safety because now two hands can be on the wheel instead of one. Price:  about $19.95 and up.

So there you have it.  A few technology gifts for your graduate.  To learn more about how Simmons & White can help your business email me at, or call me at 504 905-4646.  Here is to your success… And the success of your graduate…