New Orleans Startups Featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘100 Brilliant Companies’ List

The Brilliant 100Entrepreneur Magazine compiles an annual list of ideas, companies, applications and inventions that have amazed with their unique solutions to common problems, executed in forms both high-tech and simple. “The Brilliant 100” was host to two inventive and inspiring New Orleans Startups, Airpnp and Dinner Lab.

The magazine writes, “The Airpnp app — started in New Orleans with the concept of helping Mardi Gras revelers find relief–gives homeowners and businesses the opportunity to rent out their lavatories to cross-legged people in the immediate area.”

After launching during the February carnival in 2014, Airpnp saw an immediate spike in users from all over the world. Co-founder Max Gaudin says, “I’m glad to ‘pee’ recognized as part of this list, bringing coverage to a very important issue.”

Of the dining club, Entrepreneur explains, “The membership-based ‘social dining experiment’ Dinner Lab showcases the talents of undiscovered and well-known chefs at pop-up events across the nation, then crowdsources feedback from attendees to help the food professionals perfect their dishes and determine market potential for restaurants.” The company is in the process of bringing big data into the food industry.

The article is expected to be up on soon.