Essential Mobile Marketing Tips For Nonprofits

MobileAs a nonprofit, it can often be challenging to find the adequate resources needed for marketing efforts, both internally and externally. Raising awareness around your organization’s message is imperative to its success, so reaching your audience is pivotal. In the growing digital age, companies have turned to mobile campaigns and collateral as tools for cost effective marketing to promote services and products. Get your NGO up to speed and raise awareness by implementing these simple, mobile marketing tips.

Spread The Word

Your mission statement should become your mantra- you can never say it enough. Every chance you get to spread the word about your organizations vision and accomplishments should be seized. Tweet, Facebook, blog and share as often as you can, documenting all of your hard work and the effort of your employees and volunteers. Encourage mobile sharing for both volunteers and employees in the form of personal videos and photos. Create your own unique social networking pages where you can post this exciting content and accrue a following.

Mobile Outreach

Document your efforts and empower volunteerism. Keep your audience informed and updated on your every move and achievement. Short videos, testimonials, ad campaigns, shocking statistics, etc., can all be used to raise awareness and support. The best part? You can manage all of these components directly from your mobile device.

Implement tools like ProTexting, which can substantially increase your marketing efforts via text message. This tool also allows you to send out mass texts, manage lists and develop two-way conversations with your audience. Another effective mobile option is IFTTT (If This Then That).IFTTT allows you to automate social media with sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Easily customizable, IFTTT enables you to continuously post content to all of your most popular networking sites without ever actually logging in. You can even set up alerts for when new followers (or in your case donations) come in.

Share And Optimize

Allow your employees and devoted followers easy access to your materials on the fly. Implement a wireless, user-friendly cloud storage solution like Mozy, for instant sharing. Allow for easy mobile access to your organizations website by optimizing pages for mobile users. Depending on your resources and the complexity of your website, you can likely optimize your current site without any additional costs. Consider including some of the most popular links on your site to feature on your mobile version. Allow users to stream videos, access recent press releases, and make donations, all from their mobile device.

Keep Them Informed

Maintain regular and consistent contact with your followers by sending out a monthly newsletter. Tools like MailChimp not only allow you the flexibility to create unique and interactive newsletters, they also automatically optimize a mobile version that will allow for easy clicking and scrolling. Such mail-merging programs track the number of opens, bounce-backs, clicks and also allow recipients to easily opt-out. You can provide endless content from testimonials, photos and graphics around recent projects and initiatives, to videos and downloadable whitepapers.