4.0 Schools Reveals 9th Launch Cohort

4.0 Schools' Director of Community Cambria Martinelli and the virtual participants at the 2014 Summer Launch Reveal Party on May 22nd.

4.0 Schools’ Director of Community Cambria Martinelli and the virtual participants at the 2014 Summer Launch Reveal Party on May 22nd.

The early-stage education incubator 4.0 Schools has just released the names of the nine teams and 14 entrepreneurs participating in the summer Launch Program.

4.0’s Launch Program is designed for those committed to launching a new product, service, or internal venture. These people have already put their idea into the real world and have the most potential for disrupting education. The ideas don’t have to be incorporated or have revenue or donors.

The Launch Program offers entrepreneurs help in the following areas: marketing, legal, financial planning, strategic coaching, high level overview with goals and targets, weekly check ins, connect to schools and classrooms, and a community of support with education entrepreneurs across the country.

“After a rigorous feedback and interview process, we had the tough job of only selecting 9 teams,” explained a 4.0 blog post. “A huge congratulations to the winners, and an even bigger thanks to the teams who submitted proposals, for making this Launch class the most diverse we’ve ever had. For a recap of the trends we saw from this application cycle, check out Katie Beck’s post.”

Find out more about each Launch team below:

1. Aecern

Team: Luk Hendrik

Product: EdTech

Focus Area: Inquiry Science

Aecern delivers inquiry-based learning experience for science teachers that are focused on personal discoveries captured by their students using mobile devices.

2. BrightLoop

Team: Molly Levitt

Product: EdTech

Focus Area: Assessment

BrightLoop is a web-based platform that enables teachers to quickly capture and share qualitative student insight.


Team: Justin Bayer and Jessica Ashworth

Product: School

Focus Area: Non Cognitive Skills

MARV delivers experiential cognitive and non cognitive curriculums for diverse student bodies, through positive education implementation.

4. Noble Minds

Founder: Vera Triplett, PhD

Product: School

Focus Area: Theraputic Services

Noble Minds delivers Academic and Therapeutic services for students who have a documented behavioral/emotional disability or for families who simply want a more nurturing and therapeutic environment for their student.

5. Parents as Partners

Team: Monique Wilson

Product: Program

Focus Area: Parent literacy

Parents as Partners is creating literacy at-home instruction for parents of low-income students using annotated book guides delivered through schools.

6. Root(ed)

Team: Jonathan Johnson

Product: School

Focus Area: Experiential, Design Thinking

Root(ed) delivers a personalized learning experience grounded in responsiveness to community problems for middle school students, utilizing a culturally-relevant, entrepreneurial education curriculum.

7. Spark

Team: John Fraboni

Product: Program

Focus Area: Youth Coding

Spark develops partnerships with community centers to help young adults develop passion for software development, focusing on the Agile development of mobile games and apps.

8. VersedU

Team: Joe Besterling and Evan Beck

Product: EdTech

Focus Area: Experiential Learning

VersedU is creating a supplemental “class” platform for college students, making educational experiences more closely integrated with life.

9. VidCode

Team: Allie Diracles and Melissa Halfon

Product: EdTech

Focus Area: Girls coding

VidCode delivers creative coding for teenagers through an online coding environment, courses, and potentially in-person workshops.