Achievement Unlocked: Gamehedz Game Center is Open for Business in Metairie

gameachieveThe last post I wrote on Silicon Bayou listed what I considered to be several valuable insights about the NOLATech community. One of those insights was more of a prediction, stating that independent game development in New Orleans could be huge if it saw the support of the rest of the community. This past Saturday, Derek Thomas, Founder of Gamehedz, made that insight just a bit more real when he launched Gamehedz Game Center in Metairie.

The purposes of this space is to support all things gaming, including competitive and casual game play, gaming tournaments, discussions and workshops around game development, co-working space for game developers, and of course a well-equipped venue for any other kind of gaming event one could dream up. Gamehedz is not going at this alone, however; they’ve paired up with De La Salle to tie their gaming club and development program to Gamehedz to ensure up-and-coming developers are getting access to the support they need. Check out the flyer below to learn more about how you can get involved.

Like me, Derek Thomas believes Independent Game Development is quickly growing in New Orleans and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and support it, even if that just means heading over to the Game Center to play a retro classic with friends, or checking out some upcoming locally-developed games.

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