Cellcontrol CEO Named a Top Wireless Tech Expert

CellcontrolCellControl, based out of the Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge, produces the leading technology to help stop distracted driving. CEO and founder Robert Guba was recently named to Today’s Wireless World’s Top 100 Wireless Technology Experts for 2014, which highlights tech drivers and thought leaders who have demonstrated expertise in their areas of focus.

Today’s Wireless World says the list serves as valuable guides for those who want greater insight into wireless communications technology.

Guba, along with the other 99 on the list, which includes individuals from Apple and AT&T, were recognized for their innovative solutions that address various wireless challenges today. The hope is that the list can influence the future development and success and safety of these wireless technologies.

Cellcontrol uses the vehicle’s computer and phone/device software to stop texting, e-mailing, web browsing and phone use while operating a vehicle according to a customizable policy.

Back in January, the company was preparing to launch their newest product, DriveID, which is designed to eliminate distracted driving.

“I have never seen a technology like this,” said tech expert Katie Linendoll.

“We are very proud to be among a talented group of visionaries,” said Robert Guba, CEO of Cellcontrol. “DriveID is an example of how we continue to overcome industry challenges as the future of UBI and distracted driving prevention relies on intelligent driver identification. We hope to remain a part of the award roster in years to come as Cellcontrol continues to extend our product line and capabilities and reduce the number of preventable auto crashes.”