Trep Co-Founders: Revelry Has a Growth for you to Hack

You know us as the dev shop behind the scenes of several New Orleans startups. Behind our own scenes, we’ve been stealthily working on an e-commerce product. We need an energetic hustler who knows how to move product.


  • Have serious tech & startup experience
  • Do top-notch software engineering and product development
  • Have a track record of building fundable and successful companies
  • Already built the damn product for you


  • Are ready to work full-time in a dynamic, fast-paced startup environment leveraging our verticals & horizontals & other good buzzwords too…
  • Think full-time means all the time. You’ve got a sense of urgency. YOU’VE GOT A SENSE OF URGENCY. URGENCY.
  • Have a solid grasp of SaaS and e-commerce business models
  • Are willing to hit the streets to make sales
  • Have a general DIY ethic
  • Will be genuinely excited when we ship you to Los Angeles, SF or NYC for months at a time
  • Are confident in your ability to make this thing blow up so we can all make bank and you can stop eating ramen

Here’s how it’s gonna go down: We spin off this product into a company. You get an equity slice plus we pay you what you’re worth. Which is next to nothing until you make this thing pop.

Send us:

  • A resume that we will barely read
  • A cover letter, detailing why we should pick you, that we will read (unless it’s stupid and boring)
  • Proof that you’re more than hot air: Stuff you made, companies you launched, marketing campaigns you spearheaded (that actually worked)…

This is a novel product in an established space with a very clear revenue model. There’s money here. Let’s go get it.