3D Animation Startup Showcases $17 Million Lafayette-Area Park

3rd Dimension Media 3DA Louisiana animation startup, 3rd Dimension Media, has carefully executed the renderings for a brand new, $17 million park in Broussard, La.

The company recently showcased the latest portfolio item, St. Julien Park, which will be built on 131 acres of land in the Lafayette Area. As shown, St. Julien will include soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, batting cages and practice areas, volleyball courts, an amphitheater, playgrounds and concession areas.

3rd Dimension Media is owned and operated by Brett Gauthier, who has nearly a decade of professional experience in 3D animation. After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Gauthier has built the brand and now is joined by three other colleagues.

The company focuses on producing high quality 3D animations that can be used across fields and purposes, including industrial, architecture, concepts, trade shows, presentations, training and more. “Our services are being used to communicate new ideas, bridging areas of expertise, and filling the knowledge gap for the engineering, scientific community, and anything that requires an animation to get the point through in a clear, easy-to-understand manner,” said Gauthier.

With each new project comes a new challenge,” explained Gauthier. “These challenges help strengthen 3rd Dimension Media.  To all those seeking a new way to market and communicate your ideas, you don’t have to call up Hollywood, California to get an animation done to communicate your ideas. Feel free to visit our website, and we’ll be glad to help you out at www.3rdmedia.us.”