Local Kickstarter Sacks Plastic Bags for Good

Final ESB logo SuzyHow many plastic bottles do you think you use in a week? Between the bottled water, sodas, juices and energy drinks, that number is probably higher than you realize.

Now imagine, if you took all of the 2.5 million plastic bottles thrown away in the United States every year, you could circle the Earth FOUR times. That’s four times too many for one Louisiana man. Kel Villarrubia embarked on a journey to make his office 100% eco-friendly and he was almost successful. He cut back on office waste, implemented recycling measures and promoted the benefits of sustainable solutions. Unfortunately, the one lingering item in his office was difficult to replace: the plastic sandwich baggie that he brought his breakfast to work in everyday.

He started wondering how many sandwich baggies his family used in a year, which led Kel to think about the plastic bag waste of other families, schools, and businesses.

Did you know that the average family uses anywhere from 800-2,400 sandwich baggies a year, costing almost $100? That equates to 20,000,000 sandwich bags thrown away in the U.S. each year! The most destructive part of this equation is that plastic bags take over 400 years to decompose, filling landfills and garbage dumps for generations. In the meantime, they pollute and destroy both natural and marine habitats.

So what did our eco-hero Kel decide to do about these terrifying facts? He created the ECO SnackBag.

Kickstarter Featured Image for Eco SnackBagWith a patented design made from recycled plastic bottles, the ECO SnackBag offers users so many amazing benefits all in one bag! It’s lightweight and flexible so moms can pack large sandwiches and snacks for lunch. The bag is also dishwasher safe, so it can be easily cleaned and used over and over again. The size of the ECO SnackBag promotes portion control and since it’s airtight, you can save leftovers for later without worrying that they will go bad. The material is stain resistant and waterproof so it’ll always look brand new, and because it is made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s tough and withstands even the messiest kids.

The ECO SnackBag can be used for more than just sandwiches. With its airtight seal and waterproof exterior, you can take it on outdoor adventures, pack cosmetics for trips, or protect your purse from loose make-up. The Eco Snackbag can fulfill all of your carrying needs. Just remember, you aren’t really committed to a sustainable lifestyle until you find ways to repurpose and reuse the products you recycle. Give the ECO SnackBag a try, and see how much plastic and money your family can save. Living a greener life is easy and rewarding, so get started today!

To pledge support for an ECO SnackBag, or for more information, head to their Kickstarter. In return for your support, you’ll receive an ECO SnackBag and the satisfaction of helping a great business in an effort to upcycle our waste and better the planet.

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Plastic Waste Infographic - Buy a Eco SnackBag

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