Under30Experiences Wants to Connect Local Entrepreneurs at Barcadia Meetup

Under30ExperiencesEvery six weeks or so, a group of ambitious young people across the country unites to talk about all things travel, adventure and more. Under30Experiences, the sister company of Under30CEO, will be hosting the next event tonight (June 5) at Barcadia in the Warehouse District from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

Gulf Coast community manager Brandon Jolicoeur confirmed that only a quick speech about the trips the company provides will be given, and the rest of the event is about coming together, meeting people and having a good time.

Down the line, Jolicoeur hopes to build up the regional involvement through the Facebook page by connecting those interested in the trips to locations such as  Costa Rica, Iceland, Bali, Nicaragua and other “cool places,” as the company says.

To register for tonight’s event, click here.