Connect for a Cause Acquired by CommitChange, A Philanthropic Platform That Just Closed a $700K Seed Round

The New Orleans-based social fundraising platform Connect for a Cause has been acquired by CommitChange, a new platform for nonprofit fundraising. Connect for a Cause’s founder Jason Nicosia will join CommitChange as Chief Marketing Officer and open regional offices in New Orleans.

“I’m excited that our nonprofit users are going to get access to the fundraising tech that CommitChange has built.” says Nicosia. “Combining the momentum of Connect for a Cause and CommitChange will allow us to help more charities and grow even faster.”

The CommitChange team attended LAUNCH in 2012, which eventually led to an investment from Mark Cuban.

The CommitChange team attended LAUNCH in 2012, which eventually led to an investment from Mark Cuban.

The digital philanthropic platform CommitChange recently closed a $700,000 seed round led by Tim Draper and Mark Cuban, along with an investment from 500 Startups. Through their investment, the platform can work to turn the $217 billion charitable giving market in America “on its head,” offering free tools to nonprofits and focusing primarily on the donor experience.

As of today (June 17), all nonprofits will have access to the platform, which offers free donation processing, fundraising campaigns, and a complete and easy to use management dashboard. CommitChange plans to launch event ticketing and donor management features later in the year.

CommitChange was founded with a simple mission: to help nonprofits raise money more efficiently so that our donations can create more impact in the world. “We’ve decided to make all of our core technology available for free to help bolster charitable giving in the United States. We are also eliminating donation skimming as a business model and we will never profit by taking a percentage of donations.” said Roderick Campbell, CEO and co-founder of CommitChange, “We’re seeing incredible results. Our average donation is $165, 11.2% of all donations are recurring, and our average recurring gift is over $42 right now. Those are seriously impressive numbers and now we’re working to bring that success to every nonprofit in America.” Tim Draper, founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, adds “a non-profit without CommitChange risks becoming a dinosaur.”