New Orleans Startup Launches Kickstarter for Cord Management Solution

WrapAroundThere is currently no standard for length and thickness in the wire industry, often leading to major clutter and confusion with wires and cords in homes and offices around the world.

A New Orleans trio– Hung Pham, Minh Vuong, Karsen Krauss– has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their solution to the problem to address the clutter issues. WrapAround is a cord management system that organizes wires without requiring extra hardware, tools, or devices, and it doesn’t sacrifice utility for design.

Vuong, a CAD design engineer for the product, said the startup focused on making it simple and useful for everyone. WrapAround is adaptable, able to fit nearly all wire lengths and thicknesses, and can connect to organize multiple wires. The patent-pending design contains 24 different size customizations, four easy-to-push tabs for maneuvering, double sided clip design, dual cord hooks on either side, and a lightweight body.

With 26 days to go, the WrapAround has raised $4,142 of their $17,500 goal from 116 backers.

“Once our initial production run is completed, we plan to talk with retailers to get the WrapAround stocked on shelves nationally and eventually internationally!” explained Vuong. “We believe that the WrapAround is a product that is useful for nearly everyone. It helps eliminate messes of tangled wires, which indirectly removes stress from people’s daily lives. An organized surrounding leads to an organized life.”

To learn more or contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, click here.