Louisiana Economic Development Launches Match-Based Recruiting Site for Employers and Job Seekers

Louisiana Job Connection is a brand new website designed to meet the talent recruitment needs of Louisiana employers. Launched by Louisiana Economic Development (LED), the goal is for the site to be a centralized hub for job seekers, and a source for the largest and strongest candidate pool for Louisiana employers.

Louisiana Job ConnectionLED hopes to engage potential job seekers both in and out of state. The site is already live for employers, and will fully launch on August 18th for job seekers.

“Louisiana Job Connection has the potential to be a game changer for our state. As our economy grows and diversifies, employers need to be able to quickly identify and recruit the right talent. LED FastStart’s experience working with leading companies in a wide range of industries informed the functionality and design of Louisiana Job Connection, and we believe that it can be an asset for every company doing business in Louisiana,” said LED Secretary Stephen Moret.

The platform uses a targeted, advanced algorithm to deliver the best matches to all parties, while the intuitive interface weeds out the clutter, as it links top applicants to companies who have profiles on the site.

Louisiana Job Connection includes flexible capabilities for Louisiana employers such as multiple recruiter functionality, job posting flexibility, custom company landing pages, and robust communication tools.

As for job seekers, the site features a straightforward interface, custom privacy settings and, again, the advanced matching algorithm that will only match seekers with opportunities that would utilize their unique skills and experience.