Happy Hour with 52businesses and Dentons at Capdeville

52b and Dentons event

52businesses and Dentons will host a happy hour this coming Tuesday, July 15, at Capdeville from 6 to 9 PM.  The purpose of the event is to bring entrepreneurs together to present their ideas to both 52businesses and Dentons.

Dentons is a multinational law firm with offices in New Orleans.  In addition to servicing Fortune 500 companies, Dentons creates relationships with early stage companies with valuable IP and/or growth potential.

52businesses helps would-be entrepreneurs start a new businesses (for or non-profit) each week, every week, for a year. 52businesses is similar to an accelerator/bootcamp in which business founders are immersed each week’s in all things business. 52businesses works with early-stage businesses.

No matter if your idea is big or small, no matter what stage you are at – 52businesses and Dentons are calling all entrepreneurs to Capdeville Tuesday night.  Join the teams for drinks and life changing opportunities.