New Orleans Startup Clinicate Launches Clinical File-Sharing Platform

Clinicate, a new clinical file-sharing platform based out of the New Orleans BioInnovation Center, launched at The Open Forum in New York on July 11th. The Open Forum is an annual event for ear, nose, and throat specialists and other providers focused on exploring new technologies and their immediate clinical applications.

ClinicateThe digital health platform is available for immediate use on the web and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Clinicate gives healthcare providers and patients a unique and easy way to access and electronically share information related to medical and pharmaceutical products, medical conditions, and treatments.  Clinicate’s web and mobile applications are designed to promote clinical education, awareness and collaboration with the common goal of improving patient care and outcomes.

With this launch, platform users can now upload, share, receive and forward any file, image or video to health care providers, patients and their caregivers, all while remaining compliant with the complex regulations on safeguarding health information.

“Being able to communicate efficiently with my colleagues and patients is essential to my practice” says Dr. Ray Weiss, ENT surgeon and co-founder of FIERO and The Open Forum. “Clinicate allows me to easily do this using my iPad® and in full HIPAA compliance.”