4.0 Schools Now Accepting Applications for 10th Launch Cohort

4.0 Schools Launch Fall 2014The early-stage education incubator 4.0 Schools has just opened applications for their 10th and largest Launch cohort to date. 

The Launch program, valued at over $40,000, supports entrepreneurs to bring new ventures—products, services, or school models—to life in under 60 days. The program is looking for bold, gritty individuals hungry to solve a tough problem in education.

Online applications are due by August 18th, 2014, which could possibly lead to the video submission and phone interview as the second round and even an in-person interview in New Orleans or New York City as the final interview round comes to a close in September.

Launch focuses on the following areas within their approach:

4.0 Schools Launch

“During Launch, entrepreneurs hustle toward developing a solution and securing their first customers, if they are building a new venture, or first students, if they are designing a new school model,” explains the 4.0 website. In the last two Launch classes, over 85% of our entrepreneurs have gotten to their first customer by the end of the program.

The incubator is currently host to 14 entrepreneurs from nine teams in New Orleans as part of the 9th Launch cohort. On August 1st, 4.0 is hosting a pitch event to showcase the education startups and the progress they have made since arriving on July 7th for the program.