6 Creative Coworking Spaces

Being an entrepreneur means creating your own schedule, setting your own priorities, and meeting your own goals. While the lone wolf success stories get all of the attention, behind the scenes oftentimes are communities geared towards letting you do what you do best, and taking care of the logistics, like furniture, coffee and wi-fi. Below are some creative shared offices spaces for entrepreneur-types to get things done.

1. Fueled Collective (NYC)

Fueled Collective - photo courtesy of Alex Kehr, name.com

Born and bred in New York City, Fueled Collective is known for its impeccably designed space that houses 20 of what the owners consider to be the most exciting startups in the city. Coworking benefits include a popcorn machine and ice cream cart in the space located in the famous SoHo neighborhood.

2. CoCo (Minneapolis & St. Paul)


The Minnesota-based cowering space CoCo is all about the coffee shop vibes in its two locations. CoCo attracts freelancers and startups to corporate groups that love to collaborate. Like many co-working spaces, CoCo hosts meetings and events throughout the year such as app strategy and WordPress workshops and member social hours.

3. Green Spaces (Denver & NYC)

Green Spaces
Green Spaces is the 100% solar powered co-working space making a splash in Denver and NYC as a hub for socially conscious entrepreneurs. The original space was launched in Brooklyn in 2008, and to date, Green Spaces has been home to over 1,000 startups. With its established success, the owners are planning to open up other locations across the country in the future.

4. Workbar (Boston & Cambridge, MA)


Arguably the most popular shared workspace in Boston, Workbar believes there’s a need for both interaction and collaboration in the increasingly technology driven world. The co-working space, now in Cambridge in addition to the original Boston locale, provides a large space equipped with meeting rooms, event space, and packed with a full calendar of social and educational programming.

5. MiamiShared (Miami)

Miami Spaces

Co-working spaces are present even in the tropical beachside city of Miami. MiamiShared occupies 8,000 square feet of space of a luxury building downtown with its modern out fittings and range of tenants. The hybrid space is part coffee shop, part home and part office with all the amenities you would ever need.

6. Gangplank (Chandler, AZ)


Interestingly enough, the Arizona-based Gangplank does not charge a monetary fee for use of space. They ask that if you find the space to be meaningful, you give back in a way that is meaningful to you. The space is a shared vision that is about collaboration over competition. Gangplank also houses a space called Gangplank Junior, which encourages students under 18 to learn and explore with the freedom to fail.

Bonus: New Orleans Co-Working Spaces

Launch Pad is a hub for creative professionals, freelancers, small business owners alike, and also happens to be located in the IP Building alongside 4.0 Schools. You can check out all of the LP members here. Now with 11,000 square feet of space in the building, there is always something happening, a hustle and bustle of entrepreneurs.

Beta, the new kid on the co-working block, is a modern shared workspace located on the second floor of the recently renovated Maritime Building downtown. The space boasts both private offices and dedicated workstations for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses.

The Propeller space differs from the others because it is the first “social venture” workspace. Their goal is the same as the rest: put smart, creative innovators in a communal space and see how they can change the world.

The Icehouse welcomes designers, media artists, entertainment companies, startups, and social innovators to work out of their digs in Mid-City. Much like Launch Pad, many events are thrown on location to members can work by day and play by night. The actual converted icehouse is an awesome building where, on some days, you can see acrobats flying through the air in their practice space, so there definitely are tons of creative juices flowing through the building.