Audiosocket is Fixing a Broken Music Licensing System

audiosocket2Audiosocket is a licensing technology company with roots in New Orleans that wants to provide creative solutions for use on all media. Since 2008, the company has used a MaaS (Music as a Service) technology that provides content creators with a licensing solution that includes search, stream and license generation.

Already clocking in with a roster of over 50,000 pre-cleared original tracks from 204 genres and 2,800 emerging bands, Audiosocket has also now partnered with 110 music libraries in an attempt to fix the copyright issues associated with YouTube’s ContentID, which, as described by PandoDaily contributor David Holmes, detects videos with “infringing” copyrighted material before either removing them or diverting ad revenue to the “proper” rights holder.

Introducing LicenseID (LID), a software that will be used with over 600,000 tracks from the participating music libraries. The technology instantly embeds a unique inaudible tag into audio files as part of the licensing process, enabling trackers to find the original license, all while providing usage information to the rights holders.

LicenseID is a safety net for rights holders, saving both time and energy to properly track everything. “No more confusion about who licensed what. LicenseID goes where the music goes,” said the company website following the release.

The video below discusses the company’s MaaS and its LicenseID technologies and includes COO Jenn Miller’s recent experience taking part in a roundtable with the US Copyright Office to discuss reform.