NEW ORLEANS WILL Grow Business Big and Small

This post originally appeared on, a campaign created by the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau and the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp to advocate for the tourism and hospitality industry.

It is evident to locals all over town that New Orleans is growing in so many ways, and we are experiencing increased progress and innovation. Countless ambitious locals are bringing creativity to our city and entrepreneurship is an important part of that. Our city has been named one of the best cities for entrepreneurs, and it’s no wonder why.entrepreneurs ideas business

New Orleans is experiencing a wonderful renaissance, in many areas of business and community, and is encouraging and celebrating new ideas. In addition to being a very affordable place for young, creative minds, it is an incredibly desirable place to live.  More and more college graduates are making New Orleans the home for their families and careers, because we provide the whole picture – and we do it in our own unique way – and people around the country, including big investors, are taking notice. Our growth affects perception of us, and as our good reputation spreads, more and more opportunities are made available to us.

We have proven that we are a great place for entrepreneursfamiliesworking-age Americansfilm and television, corporate business, and much more. Our reputation is changing to include the important truth that New Orleanians work just as hard as we play. The more people recognize our city as being worth investing in, the more opportunities we create for ourselves.

new orleans central business district_flickr_wally gobetz

(photo by Wally Gobetz from Flickr)

We can thank our thriving tourism industry for helping to grow our great reputation. In the years since Katrina, New Orleans has worked tirelessly to make sure people around the world know that our city is not only open for business, but we are better than ever, and the New Orleans Conventions & Visitors Bureau and the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation have fought tirelessly to bring visitors here so that people around the world could see for themselves and spread the word.

As more and more people come to New Orleans to see what we have going on here, the more we open ourselves up to continued innovation and progress, benefitting our strong entrepreneurial community, and growing business big and small throughout our city.