NEW ORLEANS WILL Be a Serious Business Destination

This post originally appeared on, a campaign created by the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau and the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp to advocate for the tourism and hospitality industry.

New Orleans is a city that supports innovation and creativity and also provides a great home for entrepreneurs. We’ve always been known as a “fun” city, but now we are gaining a reputation for being a serious business destination.

Tourism is our leading industry and it affects our city significantly. For entrepreneurs, more investment opportunities are brought to our city when visitors spread the word about our growth and success, and beyond the hospitality industry, there is plenty of room for businesses to take advantage of the success of our tourism industry; tourism-related businesses range from marketing firms to event supply companies to accounting firms. The tourism industry touches business in New Orleans in so many ways.

In this video, Cleveland Spears, III of Spears Consulting Group talks about his work, as well as entrepreneurship and tourism in New Orleans.

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