Technologies Available for Your Louisiana Business

In this modern day, the demands on day-to-day life have become many and the world of business is no exception. That is why enterprises need every bit of help they can get from the plethora of technologies that have now become available. The need for technological solutions is not limited to any particular business sector or geographical location, so businesses based in Louisiana are just as much in need as any other business in this respect.

Image by Steve Snodgrass.

Image by Steve Snodgrass.

The aim for businesses based in the Louisiana area should be to stay current and move with the times as technology evolves and changes. A key benefit of embracing digital and mobile technologies for regionally based businesses is that their market suddenly expands to potentially include anyone, anywhere in the world, provided of course that their target market is not confined to their immediate area. Mobile technology provides businesses with the opportunity to reach customers who are on the go and who otherwise might not have the opportunity to discover a business and what it can offer them. Of course, mobile technology has its in-house benefits too, allowing staff on the road to keep in touch with the office and enabling access to e-mails and other essential documentation.

Louisiana businesses have the benefit of easy access to the, the Louisiana Technology Park. The Baton Rouge-based facility serves as a hub for developments in technology in the state and offers high-tech start-ups the opportunity to bring products and services to the market quicker than might otherwise be possible. Of course, the benefits of the Louisiana Technology Park extend well beyond the technology sector itself, with local enterprises across all sectors becoming the possible beneficiaries of the products and services nurtured in the park, depending on their own technological needs. The developments coming out of the park have a wider benefit for the Louisiana economy in general, positioning the state as a front runner in technological advances and bringing job creation to the area.

Enterprises, including those based in Louisiana, need to see where the explosion in the availability of smart phone and tablet models is headed and, at the same time, the nosedive in the cost of being able to roll out business intelligence across each function in an organization. What these dual trends mean in the broadest possible terms is that as the capability of smart devices increases, businesses themselves need to be at the cutting edge of mobile app development more than ever, whether that development is done in-house or whether it is outsourced to a third party.

When businesses are considering their needs in the area of technology and in mobile development in particular, it should be borne in mind that there is an option to engage in bespoke mobile app development. A business in a niche sector, for example, might find that the market has overlooked its own particular needs and that it has an idea for an app that might work. The two most popular platforms for hosting mobile apps are iOS, Apple’s system for the iPhone and iPad, and Android. Apple has created two options for bespoke app development: enterprise distribution and its Volume Purchase Program. Android offers the type of freedom a user would get with a desktop operating system, with the additional benefit of a range of good development tools.

So the technology is available to develop a bespoke app in-house but businesses understand that in many cases, outside expertise and an outside perspective are critical in the success of a project. For expert bespoke mobile app development, Worry Free Labs in New York City has a strong track record of creating solutions, both for established enterprises and for start-ups. Businesses based in Louisiana can have peace of mind knowing that Worry Free Labs has the know-how to design customizable mobile and Internet-based platform solutions and applications. To each project, Worry Free Labs brings the highest possible level of creativity, combining the criteria of both beauty and functionality, to put in place a great user experience.

Worry Free Labs also has the capacity to work across the full life cycle of a particular project, right the way to implementation on the basis that each client has unique needs. Louisiana businesses can be assured that Worry Free Labs strives to remain at the leading edge of design and development. Additional peace of mind comes from knowing that SourcingLine ranked Worry Free Labs as a “market leader” in mobile app development. SourcingLine provides independent research on leading service providers.