Fall is Coming: 10 Things Startups Should Be Doing Now

Photo credit: fickr user bseshef.

Photo credit: fickr user bseshef.

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Just when the summer starts to cool off, the startup hustle heats up. This fall will be boiling and it’s going to fly by. Get your shit together or you will lose.

There are metric fucktons of startups launching. Deals are going to be closing left and right in September and October. 67 accelerators are open for applications and competing for the best ideas.

Everyone is going to be competing for customers and eyeballs. Advertising and marketing spends are going to be at an all time high leading up to the holidays.

Things you can to do now to prepare:


Get your financial model and budgets in order.

Startup Profiles

Dial in your AngelList and Gust profiles. Solid tips from Paul Singh.

Re-connect with your crew

Any advisors, mentors, and potential partners. Hit them up now. It doesn’t matter if they might be on vacation. Send them an update and get back on their radar.

Setup Retargeting Campaigns

Build an investor landing page and include Google Remarketing code. Also checkout PrimeLoop for retargeting people you are having conversations with on social channels.

Metrics and Market Analysis

Know your business inside and out. How well things are performing, who you are targeting, how far you’ve come and what its going to take to get where you want to go.

Content Strategy

Figure out what your audience is interested in. Talk to your customers. Deliver the goods.

One Liner and Elevator

KISS. Simple and effective.


Embrace the chaos and remember to have fun.